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Power Grip Liquid Chalk 50ml

Power Grip Liquid Chalk enhance your grip without making any dust mess, easy to apply, quick dry and last longer. Power Grip Liquid Chalk 50ml bottle is a pocket size bottle can be carry anywhere easily by hanging it on your backpack side chain or in the pocket.

Available in a convenient 50mL travel pack or a larger 250mL bottle.

How to apply

Power Grip Liquid Chalk is super easy to apply. Simply put a small dot on the palm of each hand, rub your hands together, shake them and within seconds the liquid chalk will dry and you can start your workout or keep going with those pull ups or barbell movements.

Ideal for:

  • Functional Fitness, Cross Training athletes
  • Calisthenics Athletes
  • Weightlifters, Powerlifters
  • Rock Climbers
  • Use in gyms where solid chalk is banned


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