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Virtual Gift Card 3000

Virtual Gift Cards are digital way to appreciate your loved ones on their achievements, Occasions or Birthdays. Fluxfit offering virtual gift card, convenient and easy way to send and receive gifts. Virtual E-Gift cards are the digital representation of traditional gift cards. They allow people to send a gift card by email or WhatsApp and have them delivered electronically. Virtual gift card allows the recipient to shop or buy services of mentioned amount. The benefits of using a E-Gift card are that they are easy to send, and can be used from anywhere by accessing website digitally.

How Do You Buy and Send an e-Gift Card?

Buying and sending an e-Gift card is an easy process that usually works similarly to making any other type of online purchase. If you want to buy and send a FLUXFIT Virtual Gift Card, you can start by clicking the gift card button in the top right corner of the website. This button will lead you to the e-gift card ordering page.

Select a the e-gift card and place your order.

Fill out the required fields on final checkout option. There is also space in the Note section to write a nice gift note to the recipient.

Once the details of the e-gift card have been given, you can click the pay now button and securely share your payment information.


How do E-Gift Card works?

Recipient would receive a CODE with there E-Gift Card, On the final checkout after shopping CODE should be added in the COUPON section to apply the discount of E-Gift Card value.


A Buyer/Recipient of an e-gift card should review the terms and conditions of that particular type of e-gift card.


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