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Manufactured in Pakistan made of 12 Gauge steel. Once the versatile Fluxfit Pull-up system mounted securely to concrete or wood studs it will be positioned at a 30″ depth from the wall.

The pull-up bar has a standard 52″ length with 1.25″ diameter. Long enough to do wide grip pullups. You can also place your gymnastic rings and punching bag as well which make it useable for multiple purpose exercises.

Total Length: You can add brackets for miles by putting brackets in a row. 1″/1.25″ Pipe can be purchased from local tube supplier in 24′ lengths.

Package includes all necessary accessories bolts required to mount on your wall.

Recommended Setups:

  • Distance between brackets: Concrete – 36″, Wood Studs – 32″ or 48″
  • Height: 7′ 6″ – 8′ on center of bar but this can be adjusted based on ceiling height or athlete height

All Rogue Pull-up Rig Assemblies are guaranteed against failure If properly installed!


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